Is it worth waiting for?


How many a times does it happen to us (people who have achieved nothing major)  that when we come across our fellows who hold these big degrees ask us, “What about you?”  and we are dumb-founded.
How do you say, “I messed it all up” or “I was just too different to follow the league of doctors”. Dont you feel low, at times, when you know that you had the potential of becoming someone yet you chose nothing noteworthy?

For many of Pukhtoons, it is not possible to pursue their dreams. The shackles of society always hold them back and they are deprived of that one step forward to becoming someone.

And for others, its just that they are too complicated to understand their interests which vary from art to writing and to doing something GREAT.. Out of the ordinary. And in waiting for that EXTRAORDINARY thing (Whatever it is) they lose precious time.
My question here is that, is it worth it? The wait..
Or should they also follow the line of students who are on their way to becoming doctors and engineers (the most commonly chosen fields in Pakistan) ?

Happy Hearts :P

Only a positive approach in life can lead you to paint or draw something gay..
Dreaming ‘big’ and allowing yourself to be lured by these dreams can bring you to a level where you dont worry if the art is not a masterpiece in the eye of others.. All that matters is you enjoying it..



My thumb draws circles on the mug,
Lost in confusion
I sit cross-legged on the prayer rug,
Waiting for a conclusion
The dungeon
The stars
The sky…
I play with the food that never tastes
I’m named, senseless…
I choke in the smoke without any haste
Conscience, has made me helpless…
The toes
The cut
The knife
I look at a child to find life.


Published in US Magazine Pakistan