Because you are beautiful..

Accept things the way they are.
Strive for the best.
Recognize yourself..
Appreciate yourself and Smile!



Photo credits: Google 😛


Is it worth waiting for?


How many a times does it happen to us (people who have achieved nothing major)  that when we come across our fellows who hold these big degrees ask us, “What about you?”  and we are dumb-founded.
How do you say, “I messed it all up” or “I was just too different to follow the league of doctors”. Dont you feel low, at times, when you know that you had the potential of becoming someone yet you chose nothing noteworthy?

For many of Pukhtoons, it is not possible to pursue their dreams. The shackles of society always hold them back and they are deprived of that one step forward to becoming someone.

And for others, its just that they are too complicated to understand their interests which vary from art to writing and to doing something GREAT.. Out of the ordinary. And in waiting for that EXTRAORDINARY thing (Whatever it is) they lose precious time.
My question here is that, is it worth it? The wait..
Or should they also follow the line of students who are on their way to becoming doctors and engineers (the most commonly chosen fields in Pakistan) ?




I’m no Wordsworth to describe the scene

Nor am I the sensous Keats

But my heart sank as he worked,

In the scorching heat.

The insults were frequently shot at him

The pile of work continued throughout the day

It severely weakened his limbs

And the river of sweat made its way.

With shaking hands and gleeful heart

With a crease on the brow

And a mouth slightly parched

He pocketed the earning and marched.

His son remained ignorant

From spring to fall

And his daughter

Never played with a doll

Published @ Revolution Flame

Love and Autumn

It’s love, running in my veins

See, it’s crimson and sparkling

Calling you with all the lovely names

It’s autumn, all the colours are mellow

Ah! I heard, a whispering fellow!

Moving silently with the wind

I’ve touched a rose in my hair

Love and elation,

No cry, no despair.

I feel you smiling inside,

The shining face, I need to hide.

With the swinging of the bough,

Silently began, a shower of leaves

I giggled and thought, ‘What is Autumn?’

The answer came, ‘When every leaf is a flower.’

Published in Us Magazine Pakistan

After midnight

I was fast asleep in my cozy bed like a baby from an hour and BANG! I woke up with some unknown feeling, I suddenly dont want to sleep. All the drowsiness has evaporated and I feel like staying up..
Here’s a a poem that I wrote just before going to sleep, so I thought to share it…

Exhausted and tired
I crept into his arms
He held me tenderly
On my cheek, rested his palm
So soothing- his lazy smile
My eyes died slowly after a while.


These long winter nights are so soothing, I can hear some distant barking of dogs and apart from that everything is perfectly still.

So I’m gonna enjoy soiltude for a while and see what to do next for I Really dont want to sleep and enjoy this midnight madness 😀

Just made it in MS paint 😀

Being silly.. Being myself..

Ah! My love, your love is so lovely.. 😀
Those quick secret glimpses..

The Cuddling ad cute kisses under the starlit sky..

The Pizza, Sandwitch and cookies.. Well you bought the entire bakery 😀
And the white rose , all covered in ur new perfume.  😛
And the new nick  is too funny ..

And of course there’s a LOT more than that but I am only skimming through it.
You are very special! And it feels like finding someone with whom I can be myself again ..
What a lovely grown up childhood we are living together .. 😛