Because you are beautiful..

Accept things the way they are.
Strive for the best.
Recognize yourself..
Appreciate yourself and Smile!



Photo credits: Google 😛


Happy Hearts :P

Only a positive approach in life can lead you to paint or draw something gay..
Dreaming ‘big’ and allowing yourself to be lured by these dreams can bring you to a level where you dont worry if the art is not a masterpiece in the eye of others.. All that matters is you enjoying it..



My thumb draws circles on the mug,
Lost in confusion
I sit cross-legged on the prayer rug,
Waiting for a conclusion
The dungeon
The stars
The sky…
I play with the food that never tastes
I’m named, senseless…
I choke in the smoke without any haste
Conscience, has made me helpless…
The toes
The cut
The knife
I look at a child to find life.


Published in US Magazine Pakistan