Love and Autumn

It’s love, running in my veins

See, it’s crimson and sparkling

Calling you with all the lovely names

It’s autumn, all the colours are mellow

Ah! I heard, a whispering fellow!

Moving silently with the wind

I’ve touched a rose in my hair

Love and elation,

No cry, no despair.

I feel you smiling inside,

The shining face, I need to hide.

With the swinging of the bough,

Silently began, a shower of leaves

I giggled and thought, ‘What is Autumn?’

The answer came, ‘When every leaf is a flower.’

Published in Us Magazine Pakistan


After midnight

I was fast asleep in my cozy bed like a baby from an hour and BANG! I woke up with some unknown feeling, I suddenly dont want to sleep. All the drowsiness has evaporated and I feel like staying up..
Here’s a a poem that I wrote just before going to sleep, so I thought to share it…

Exhausted and tired
I crept into his arms
He held me tenderly
On my cheek, rested his palm
So soothing- his lazy smile
My eyes died slowly after a while.


These long winter nights are so soothing, I can hear some distant barking of dogs and apart from that everything is perfectly still.

So I’m gonna enjoy soiltude for a while and see what to do next for I Really dont want to sleep and enjoy this midnight madness šŸ˜€

Just made it in MS paint šŸ˜€