Oh yes, its true..
Shit happens.
So what?
Just take a deep breath.


Trying to capture it all!

Let me keep it short.. I simply love thunder and lightning and the heavily pouring rain. It feels as though it washes my entire soul!

I tried to capture it today …… πŸ™‚


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You could just as well ignore this post… I wont mind

Cold dark night with an endless sky holds so much like this heart of mine.

Its silent but whispers to those who listen.. People come and go, they twinkle.. Fade in and out..

So many people telling me “You are always there for us”.
And as I look through the window with a heartache my heart keeps asking me this question, Who’s there for you?

And tears start flowing like rain pouring down…

But I dont mind wiping them off πŸ™‚

After midnight

I was fast asleep in my cozy bed like a baby from an hour and BANG! I woke up with some unknown feeling, I suddenly dont want to sleep. All the drowsiness has evaporated and I feel like staying up..
Here’s a a poem that I wrote just before going to sleep, so I thought to share it…

Exhausted and tired
I crept into his arms
He held me tenderly
On my cheek, rested his palm
So soothing- his lazy smile
My eyes died slowly after a while.


These long winter nights are so soothing, I can hear some distant barking of dogs and apart from that everything is perfectly still.

So I’m gonna enjoy soiltude for a while and see what to do next for I Really dont want to sleep and enjoy this midnight madness πŸ˜€

Just made it in MS paint πŸ˜€

Being silly.. Being myself..

Ah! My love, your love is so lovely.. πŸ˜€
Those quick secret glimpses..

The Cuddling ad cute kisses under the starlit sky..

The Pizza, Sandwitch and cookies.. Well you bought the entire bakery πŸ˜€
And the white rose , all covered in ur new perfume.Β  πŸ˜›
And the new nickΒ  is too funny ..

And of course there’s a LOT more than that but I am only skimming through it.
You are very special! And it feels like finding someone with whom I can be myself again ..
What a lovely grown up childhood we are living together .. πŸ˜›


Back to you…

My life is like a circle – one that has been drawn around you.
No matter how far I go and how long I stay away from you, no matter how much I pretend-not-to-care , I always at some stage turn around and look for you.
In moments such as these, I just cant help saying “I love you”.
I know you aren’t here but I love you.
I know you dont care but still I do.
In moments such as these, when all the walls built around me crumbles, and I meet my true identity and feelings- its always YOU whom I look for. Always gonna be you…