The cutest card I ever got!




Happiness comes from little things.. It comes from having a caring neighbourhood.

 Thank you manahil for caring

I love the way you prefer to call me baaji and not aunty 😛
~ Nazish

My Way Of Saying It

Hey there!
Yes you.. This is my way of saying thank you.
Thank you for being my reader. Your appreciative comments keeps me going. Your critical comments too, help me gauge my writings and random photos that I share.
While playing with ABC jelly 😀 I wanted to form one word that would say it all.
And here it is…



Sending hugs to all my loved ones.
Much love,

Love and Autumn

It’s love, running in my veins

See, it’s crimson and sparkling

Calling you with all the lovely names

It’s autumn, all the colours are mellow

Ah! I heard, a whispering fellow!

Moving silently with the wind

I’ve touched a rose in my hair

Love and elation,

No cry, no despair.

I feel you smiling inside,

The shining face, I need to hide.

With the swinging of the bough,

Silently began, a shower of leaves

I giggled and thought, ‘What is Autumn?’

The answer came, ‘When every leaf is a flower.’

Published in Us Magazine Pakistan

Being silly.. Being myself..

Ah! My love, your love is so lovely.. 😀
Those quick secret glimpses..

The Cuddling ad cute kisses under the starlit sky..

The Pizza, Sandwitch and cookies.. Well you bought the entire bakery 😀
And the white rose , all covered in ur new perfume.  😛
And the new nick  is too funny ..

And of course there’s a LOT more than that but I am only skimming through it.
You are very special! And it feels like finding someone with whom I can be myself again ..
What a lovely grown up childhood we are living together .. 😛


Because I love birthdays.. and ♥YOU♥

It feels so nice to have a BIG family.. So many people who cares for you, right?
Even though I’m an oddity at home, living in  my own world, I still enjoy the mini get-to-gathers and parties.. Never mind the taunts from my elder sisters 😛

So this time it was Alaina (My niece) who gathered us all for her birthday party.
It seems only yesterday when she was born.

And then all of a sudden , all I knew was Alaina was naughty and cute 😛 I mean, it happened so quickly… She could sit and laugh and BE NAUGHTY!

  My Little Devil <3

On her birthday, she looked no less than a Princess but I wonder why every kid is so reserved and tensed on their birthday?  Perhaps they can feel all the eyes are on them and following them 😛
Same was with Leeno (Alaina’s nick)
She looked lost….

Back to the Birthday…
I liked it very much not only because the cake was yummy 😛
but because there were SOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY Balloons!!! Anddddd Cotton Candies… And kids.. and musical chair 😀
What?? I am a child’s soul locked in whatever body remember? So I love all such stuff …… 😛

Thanks ♥Leeno♥  for spreading so many smiles in just one year.. For me, kids have always been a centre of joy and affection.

May you Live a LONG life and have many more birthdays.
Love you sooooooo muchh…


♥ ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥