Published in Us Magazine Pakistan


A Glorious Dawn

The early rays of the sun

Proudly caress my garden
Leaf to leaf, in a run!
The flowers so fast asleep
Struggle slowly like a child
With soft petals in a heap!
The birds chirp as the sun wins
Out for food from their cozy nests,
With such brilliance their day begins!
My heart admires and never defies
I keep lying on the grass
Till the sun slowly kisses my eyes!

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A Journey Into Abstraction


The bustling crowd and running cars,

The echoed laughter and flashing lights,

Inquire me of your absence and I cry,

On the fog-covered window, I heave a sigh,

The icy breeze ruffles my hair,

And leaves it tangled,

The deserted miles stretch further,

And the moonshine fills every corner,

Beyond numbness, the chill cuddles me,

Wrappin’ its icy sheets around me,

It sings me a bitter-sweet song,

And I feel the loneliness for long.

Published in Us Magazine Pakistan