Directionless Journey

Published in Us Magazine Pakistan

I walk along the wind

The leaves walk alongside

I try to be determined

And pretend to hide…

The memories creep

With a whispering sound

Like those leaves

Scattered all around

I draw a deep breath

And long for thee

With the season of death

Depicting me.

Water rushes to my eyes

And ecstasy begins

I give a faint cry

As the pain wins.

Ah! the Autumn arrives

Silence dominates

Taking several lives,

Enjoying on the skates

Evening to twilight

Spent in the walk

With no changes,

No sound of a knock.

It drizzles in the night

And nature springs to life

Heart soars like a kite

After bleeding under the knife.

I want to hold my breath

And continue in the strife

’cause after the image of death

It again shows me life

I pause for a while

Feeling nowhere

Forgotten every smile

Looking here and there

I’m in the middle of the ladder

Leading to the moon

Too scared to step up

Too frightened to return that soon.