This is *ME*!!

A phoenix that rose from the ashes


With dews held behind the eye lashes

– Nazish Nawab

A Brief Intro:

This is Nazish Nawab. I’m a poetess or that’s what people call me.

My poems convey my feelings. They seem to take away my pain and share my joy..As if,the words formed like clouds in my mind due to the feelings of heart are conveyed via veins to my hand and the movement of hand writes them down. Thus,culminating into a poem..

Besides poetry, I love photography and painting…

The three Ps (Poetry, Photography, Painting) are my passion 😉

You all are welcomed whole-heartedly to my blog where I’ll share whatever I could 😛

P.S Almoost all photos are taken from various sources on the internet except the ones that are under the category of  ‘My photography’.



  1. A phoenix that rose from the ashes
    With dews held behind the eye lashes

    WOW ! The most beautiful lines I have ever heard 🙂 Loving your blog ! It was nice to read your introduction and it is always a pleasure for me to meet new poets out there….. Always an inspiration !
    So glad to find your blog and I must add, you write awesome 🙂 Will Love to read your previous posts so I am following your blogs….. Good day ! ❤

  2. Thank you for following my blog. I like very much your description of what your poems do for you, both for your joys and for your sorrows. May you have more of the former than the latter, and always find time to notice them and celebrate them, and draw strength from them

  3. “A child’s soul locked in an adult body” – love this! May Jesus heal the childhood wounds, while enabling you to remain childlike in wonder of the beauty around you.

    Thanks for following Lessons by Heart!

    Praising Jesus who restores my soul!

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