Goodbye to my writer’s block!


Approximately a year has gone by since I last wrote something. I was suffering not from malaria, typhoid or Loveria for that matter 😛 Just a crazy thing called Writer’s block.
Trust me when I say crazy I mean crazy.. It drives you insane! Your urge for writing pinches you but your writer’s block just strikes back with a greater force and you find yourself coming up with lame excuses for not writing anything down.
My recent encounter was a prolonged one, hence I came up with a number of excuses for not writing.
The most prominent ones were
* Type-writer obsession. (I cant type anything anymore because I need a typewriter)
* Parchment and quill madness (I wont write anything unless I can ACTUALLY write it down with a smooth quill and fresh parchments stolen right under the nose of Professor Umbridge)

The purpose of this post is merely to celebrate my coming out of the dilemma.
And hey! If you are finding yourself looking for excuses these days, just know one thing “This too, shall pass”
BE patient and wait for words to topple you so that you may find your way out.


Playing in a pool of…

Few months back, I watched the movie Patch Adams  in which the old lady who is extrememly ill is asked by a medical student to express her heartious wish (the student intends to fulfill her wish to make her feel better ) she recals a tale of noodles and says,

“I want to be in a pool of noodles.”

I was like Eww..  But later as I watched the movie I actually enjoyed the part where the kind student fulfills her desire and the old woman plays in a pool of noodles- squeezing them in her fingers and pouring them over her head and SWIMMING in the pool or thats what I think it was 😀

My thoughts later that night revolved around the same question- What if  some kind doctor (If there are any in Pakistan 😛 ) asks me to express such a wish what would my answer be?

And I knew instantly that there is one thing I really LOVE!
I would definitely request to play in it. Ok… No suspence intended! 😛
I LOVE COLOURS!   Paints , Crayons, Markers, Colour Pencils, Embose – simply every such thing.
Even the coloured decorative papers.

Its so mouth-watering just looking at colours and being in a pool of colours would be so….. AWESOME? !! (Thats the only word that really satisfies me when I try to express this feeling.. this awesome feeling in words :P)

My imagination took me beyond ‘Looking-at-colours-is-mouth-watering.’
I imagied myself having large quantity of paints, dripping from whatever the container is that holds it. Over flowing from the containers/mini tanks 😛 as I dip BIG brushes into them and paint the walls.  Or simply throw them around and bathe my room in paints- or wait- imaginations have no limits right? So yeah, I was saying?  why not paint the entire house or the entire street or town or.. or… or.. 😀

Or wait- why dip the brushes when I have hands!

 If someone (I really hope it happens before a doctor has to ask me on my death bed though :P)  buys me all those paints *Yummmmyyy*, all I’d do is dip my hands into them and paint everything around me. Bright red, fresh green, tempting orange, cyan and a nice purple and my favourite yellow and all the other colours! I’d go C.R.A.Z.Y!! o.O

Just the idea of being surrounded by colours is so darn, er, awesome !! 😀

P.S… I Love google for having so many colourful images.. A real treat for the eyes! 😛