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Please do NOT judge anyone.. You never know they might be better than you!
Eliminate negativity and bullying. Embrace positivity.


Enjoy the sun and the rain..


Share a smile and stay happy! Dont underestimate little things. They have the power to spread enormous joy!


( with my little neighbor, enjoying juice in her small glasses ) 😛



My lust for wandering took me to many places in Multan, Pakistan. I went to several different Mizaars or Mausoleums.

Situated in the premises of the Mausoleum of Shah Yousaf Gardezi, I found this one. It really had an aura of quiescence.
WP_20140319_025 WP_20140319_027 WP_20140319_028

Noor Mehal


Approximately 1 and a half hours’ drive from multan  will lead you into Bahawalpur.
Last saturday I had the pleasure of getting to know about Bahawalpur.

Places I went to:

Noor Mehal
Fort Derrawar
Dera Nawab


Noor mehal is usually off limits at night to the civilians… Guess I should consider myself lucky to dine in that beautiful palace.


         Splendid View of Noor Mehal at night 

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PS: Its not located in Multan but I want to keep a record of places I went to while residing in multan… Thats why categorized so.

I love horses = I love polo :)

Multan has proved itself a city worth living in. When I first moved here, I felt very confined but now I take a walk in the beautiful Polo ground and admire nature.   WP_20140317_002 Jahanzeb Polo Cup is held every year in this ground. This year I had the pleasure of attending it. Apart from polo, tent pegging  and donkey race were held too which was quite amusing. 😛

Unfortunately I could not capture photos of the final of Jahanzeb Polo Cup but here are a few clicks….

WP_20140317_026 WP_20140317_011 WP_20140317_019