Down the alley I went,

Bricked walls with looming shadows,

a cat meaowed, a dog barked,

chased by thundering sound of my own heart,

and the rustling of my gown dragging past,

too much to scare me,

in the ancient ruins of past,

but I kept moving back,

eyes alit with the hope,

of finding you there.

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Something From the past…

8th of April, 2011: Today, as I’m sitting at the threshold of an upstairs room and gaze outside; the weather is just lovely. It’s windy and raining after weeks of scorching and sweltering heat. The dust has settled; the beats of music in my ears and the soft and soothing lyrics are perfect. The sight of children playing in the rain gives me immense joy. Plus, the place from where I’m watching this world is atop everything.

All these times of ups and downs are and always will be. I’m not letting any sorrow knock at my heart or poke me as I think “Why not just savor the moment at hand? Why fear the ‘downs’ in the path of life while you currently are on the top – the ‘up’? ” I mean, come on! Fate is inevitable so why not chill and enjoy the present. Ah! Perceptions make a great difference at times. The song has changed now; the children playing in the rain have left too. Its dusk now…the sun of this day is setting. Darkness will prevail in a while but in spite of all this I feel a hope touching me and advices me from the inside, like this wind that’s caressing my face and blows through my hair. The hope whispers in my ear and willingly or unwillingly, I hold its finger and make up my mind to let fate take me wherever it wants! Let me also be like a tiny feather that blows here and there, wherever the wind takes it. In short, let me also be on the whims of fate.

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