My lust for wandering took me to many places in Multan, Pakistan. I went to several different Mizaars or Mausoleums.

Situated in the premises of the Mausoleum of Shah Yousaf Gardezi, I found this one. It really had an aura of quiescence.
WP_20140319_025 WP_20140319_027 WP_20140319_028



  1. googled shah gardezi and they say that “In the eleventh century, Shah Yousaf Gardezi came riding into Multan on a lion, with a live snake for a whip and a pair of pigeons fluttering over his head” (wikipedia)… just wow. :O. btw good photography.

    • Thats true! He came all the way from Afghanistan. Later during the journey the Lion and snake became his companions. That in itself is nice but for the believers 🙂
      There’s something else very extraordinary about Shah Yousaf Gardezi, Will post it next.. check it out then …

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